Virgo’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

In the first decade of November 2008 there will be more planning than actually doing. Fortunately, on 12th of November Venus will enter the house of eroticism and passion, where it will meet Jupiter, enhancing thus the sentimental enthusiasm. There will be special encouragement for love and sex for pleasure, with no prejudices, responsibilities or commitment.

You can now try new things and experience sensations whose joy you had no idea about. Be careful, though: transits favor procreation as well, so if you’re not ready for children, take care!

Virgo’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

It’s time for initiatives and procedures. The practical sense is very keen, just like the talent of solving real problems.

You’ll be crossing an interval that will highlight your intelligence, abilities, training and communication capacity. There will be a preference for movement and information, and your dexterity seems keener. Creativity will intensify starting with the second decade, involving all your born or acquired gifts.

Money will be better in the second decade.

Virgo’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

The situation will stay the same and the indications too: located in Virgo for a long time, Saturn will weaken the optimism and the immunity system. Take some vitamins, exercise, get enough rest, eat healthy and don’t get angry over trifle things!

Try and strengthen your body, and if you get the slightest signal that something is wrong, go to the doctor’s immediately!


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