Sagittarius’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

Love is one of the most obvious preoccupations in November 2008. It will be mostly affective in the first part of the month, while Venus is in your sign, and sensual in the second part, when Mars is in Sagittarius.

An indisputable advantage is attractiveness: the opposite sex is very receptive to your charm and seduction attempts. However, don’t rely on it only! Communication is at least as important for your relationship.

Sagittarius’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

"Slowly, but surely" should be the motto of November 2008. Properly and patiently done things are better for you rather than feats of strength.

Perseverance, diplomacy and connections are auspicious in the former half of November 2008. In the latter half, dynamism will go up, but the tendency to take action quickly, carelessly might lead you to incidents.

Financially, luck will be on your side in November 2008, especially in the second and third decades that can bring you more money.

Sagittarius’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

The energy level will lower in the first part of November 2008, after which it will raise visibly, step by step. In the last decade you’ll be in your best shape.

After November 16th 2008 you might experience some daring tendencies that should be tempered by the end of the month, when you risk having unpleasant incidents because of lack of perseverance or of things done hastily.


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