Pisces’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The beginning of November 2008 can turn out to be unpleasant from the sentimental point of view. Inconveniencies will only last for a couple of days though.

In the rest of the time, the general tendency will be towards stabilization, maturity and affective seriousness, background against which you can make a relationship official or you can make plans for the future of your home and family.

If we’re talking about a relationship that’s already on the rocks, it might be time you made a decision about it.

Pisces’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

November 2008 is the right month for studying, doing research, editing, publishing, doing business with foreigners or starting long-distance collaborations. But, no matter the field, from the second half of November on, you’ll see a raise of the dynamics, a strong wish to prove your strength and get concrete results.

You’ll benefit from the support of your fans and protectors, you’ll be making headway with your group activities and a serious collaboration or contract might come along.

Financially, a raise of your side income is in store for you.

Pisces’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Uranus, located in Pisces for a long time, will lend you great energy, but Saturn’s opposition can try and hold you back, throwing obstacles in your way, delays or interruptions, that will try your patience and undermine your optimism.

The first part of November 2008 will supply some equilibrium, but starting with November 16th until the holidays, Mars will collide with Uranus and Saturn, bringing along more stress and maybe even endangering your health. Beware!


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