Gemini’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

November 2008 will have a significant relational load: Venus (the planet of love) will cross the house of couples until the 12th, and from 16th, Mars will (sex and passion). There is no room for idleness, and indifference will not be tolerated!

The opposite sex will rediscover your charm, will make you offers or will try to provoke you, which in fact, you can hardly wait.

Mystery is what incites you most and the harder the person besides you lets you discover him/her, the greater your lust and interest become.

Gemini’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Collaborations and teamwork, competition and contradictory opinions, in brief feedback and the others’ involvement will be both stimulating and stressful in November 2008.

The first part of November will be full of responsibilities and won’t leave any respite to you, but it will be enjoyable as regards collaborations.

The second part of November involves less workload, but it seems to be as soliciting for your nervous system. You’ll pull it through if you take things one at a time, with no rush.

Expect much money, from side sources!

Gemini’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Overdoing it can weaken your immunity system. The passing of the Sun, Mars and Mercury through the house of health is a warning signal that you should take better care of yourself and shouldn’t take any risks.

Stay away from cold, dampness or draught, avoid contact with sick people and handle hot, inflammable, sharp or dangerous objects carefully! Don’t forget about your doctor and stick to the prescribed treatments!


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