Cancer’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The passing of Mars, of the Sun and of Mercury through the house of sex, and the presence of the two benefic, Venus and Jupiter, in the sector of couples will supply a... “hot” November.

You’ll seduce, get proposals and attract favorable circumstances. It will all happen on the background of a happy Jupiter-Saturn trine, which will take things to a serious approach, future-oriented.

Take advantage of the exceptional astral configurations to find your pair or to do something special with the person dear to you!

Cancer’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

You’ll show creative and expressive capacity, you’ll put forward the best of you and you’ll use the advantageous situations. You’ll negotiate your interests wisely and you’ll be lucky as regards collaborations and contracts.

The second part of November 2008 will get very busy: much workload, short deadlines, crises that require immediate decisions, organizational spirit and fast reactions.

The minor speculations can bring you benefits in the first part of November but the money will be provided especially by work and collaborations.

Cancer’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

There won’t be any problems in the first part of November 2008, on the contrary: your vitality will be exceeding and will need to be used on constant activities such as sports, trips, dance or... sex.
Inconveniencies could occur after the 16th of November, when Mars enters the house of health, and could get worse in the last decade, when the Sun is also around. Excesses of any kind, imprudence, inappropriate diets and stimulants are strongly forbidden.


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