Aries’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

In November 2008, sexuality will either come second in your relationship, or it won’t be possible to separate it from emotions and mind.

Physical closeness simply as a sport or by chance is out of the question. Still, even if it happens, it won’t be good enough for you. You’ll need compatibility as regards ideas and principles and you’ll also need feelings, deep matching on several levels.

Love could also involve crossing some geographical or spiritual barriers. A long-distance relationship is also possible.

Aries’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

Career is getting better and better. The second decade promises more than the first one, and the third is even better.

November 2008 will bring you the chance, the possibility of consolidating your position and also new expansion opportunities. You’ll get praise, prizes or fame. Professional update and training have an important input, but connections have a significant contribution as well.

Finances are in the spotlight in the first two decades: extra money will come, account settlements, investments and expenses.

Aries’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

You won’t get the most of things at the beginning of November, but you might get it at the end of it. The first two weeks will be prone to anxiousness and inner concerns and will lower your vitality. It will then recover considerably in two phases: the first starts on the 16th November when your ruler, Mars, enters the energetic and enthusiast Sagittarius, and the second, on the 22nd November, when the Sun makes the same move.

In the last week of November 2008 you’ll be in the best of shapes.


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