Aquarius’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

Love does not seem to be a major preoccupation. Maybe you’ll have other priorities or maybe love will simply not raise problems. As for the rest, you seem to have higher standards: you’ll be attracted to famous or well-positioned people, you’ll demand much of the person on your side, according to the high hopes you have for him/her.

As Mercury will be next to the ruler of the house of couples (the Sun) most of November, communication, exchange of ideas and trips seem to be highly important for the relationship in this time of year.

Aquarius’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

You’re crossing an energetic period, full of projects and ambitions, whose accomplishment requires efforts, interest and struggle. The right word for November 2008 would be "efficiency". Mars, which will be crossing the house of career in the first part of the month and the house of future plans in the second part, will be dynamic and quick and will aim straight and daringly. The Sun, also present in the area of social-professional status, promises success and authority.

Financially, money will come, but it needs to be handled rationally and carefully.

Aquarius’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

When you have a definite target, you pull yourself together and you cope with the situation very well. When you lack motivation, your strength goes down as well. It’s your subconscious that drives your energy. November 2008 seems to be more appropriate for a more thorough self-analysis to spot inner moral support and to find the most efficient way of using it.


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