22 August – 21 September

You have no illusions about sex and wish everyone would stop magnifying its
importance. Prefer men who will wait for the relationship to develop to the point where
sex is inevitable. You love mutual masturbation and enjoy a little punishment and your
grace and modesty is a great turn on. You become an artist at pleasing your lover.
Favourite kink: can’t truly enjoy it unless a third party is present. Best sex mates: Gemini,
Cancer and Aquarius.

MEN: Too shy to make an overture, but when the moment arrives, you had better be
prepared for him to bring his pyjamas, shaving equipment, and toothbrush. He likes to
talk about how you like it and having talked about it, he will key in on the right erotic
response. Don’t expect imagination, but he is a hard worker and is open to suggestion.
His secret life: can be obsessed with pornography. Erogenous zones: his buttocks.


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