22 April – 21 May

You expect your man to be kind and patient and make love to you by the
book. Like to be pleased by sex, but don’t look for unusual approaches. But you are a
demanding lover and leave your partner breathless. You have a need for oral
gratification, both giving and receiving. Best sex mates: Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio,
and Leo. Most likely kink: sucking on your toes, one by one. You also like biting . . .

MEN: He is the ideal lover - sensitive and understanding of his partner’s feelings. He
prefers it slow and easy; he won’t be your guide to the exotic unknown, but that he does,
he does beautifully. This is the guy to go for long and luxurious oral sex.
Stamina? This man could wear down a glacier! His erogenous zone: gently and slowly
kiss and bite the back of his neck.


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