22 July – 21 August

Sleek, lascivious, enticing and lazy! Whatever Leo wants, Leo gets! Intensely
responsive and there are bed partners who have scars to prove it. Your need to show off
leads you to prefer the top where he can look up and admire the beauty of your body.
Best sex mates: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aries. Your sexual wardrobe: full of
wispy cutout bras and panties!

MEN: Simply brushes aside rules and conventions. One important rule to remember
about him: NEVER tease. His endurance is remarkable and he has a great appetite for
making love. He likes women in the submissive position and oral sex is okay when he is
on the receiving end. He likes a woman to show how much she is enjoying it. His
erogenous zone: his back is particularly vulnerable.


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