22 June – 21 July

Will never make the first move, but you can be a marvelous lover for you are
capable of intense sensuality. You will reciprocate passion with a fever that will stir his
heart and stimulate him to his best performance. On your own time, you have a
fondness for masturbation. Your favourite position: lying prone while your man enters
you from behind. Best sex mates: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. You may
become a slave to sexual pleasure!

MEN: His most surprising technique: intercourse with no hands. He has a need for
constant encouragement and if gotten, he will be a delightful swain. Both patient and
aggressive, he will often begin somewhere other than bad: likes being in command, and
is a master at manual clitoral manipulation! You’ll like the trip as it as much travelling to a
place as it is arriving.


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