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In most ways, December is a high profile month for you, dear Pisces, except for on a romantic level, which is satisfyingly private. You may be put “in charge” of a private matter. Secrets are revealed—and revealing. Intense energy comes from a friend in the last week of the month. It’s virtually impossible to escape professional attention this month. The 12-16 is especially fortunate for work and financial matters. Your work is recognized and rewarded, you come across as especially competent, and you experience a professional peak of sorts.


December is ripe with opportunity for envisioning new projects and goals for your future, dear Aquarius. Friends, acquaintances, and groups will certainly keep you busy. Romance, however, is mostly quiet until after the 7th, when Venus, the goddess of love, enters your sign and stays there into the New Year, bestowing beautiful energy for attracting what and who you want into your life. It’s a mostly easy month, save for some impulsive energy mid-month, when overspending or speculation could be costly.


Issues revolving around your family and the past capture much of your attention this month, dear Capricorn. While others are racing around you, preparing for the holidays, you are enjoying a sense of peace. The last week of the month begins a power period that you take with you into the New Year. Tremendous energy and initiative is with you as you embark on a journey of internal change and personal discovery. It feels like you can move mountains. The key to harnessing this energy is focus—a natural talent for you!


Energy, verve, and confidence are with you this month, dear Sagittarius, until the last week of the month when your life winds down, quite appropriately! Until then, it’s hustle and bustle, and matters are definitely working in your favor. Don’t be surprised if romantic opportunities find you easily and when you least expect them—it’s just that kind of month. A love interest has your best interests at heart just now. A proposal involving money comes to you in the last week of December. Writers and artists are especially inspired during this period.


In many ways, December is a “money month” for you, dear Scorpio. You enjoy extra energy and enthusiasm for increasing your income. It’s an excellent opportunity period for a bonus or raise that truly makes a difference in your life! You could be taking on a bigger work load at the same time. If you’re waiting for money in the form of a loan or repayment of a debt to you, it’s likely to arrive around the Full Moon on the 12th. December is a banner month for finances, communications, and learning.


An especially busy—mostly pleasantly so—period is in store for you in the first three weeks of December, dear Libra. It can get a little hectic, with many errands to run, more ideas than you can realistically implement, and plenty of contact with friends, siblings, and neighbors. It’s a time of networking, and you’re coming across very smoothly. The last week of the month (and year!) is revealing and perhaps intense for family matters. From the 7th forward, great energy for attraction, entertainment, and romance is with you.


A scurry of activity in and around the home or with family is in store for you this month, dear Virgo. You are busy with preparations, repairs, and re-organizing—and enjoying every minute of it! It’s a fabulous time to get your “nest” in order and functioning smoothly. The last week of December is positively intense for romance and intimacy. An exciting proposal or opportunity regarding love, recreation, and creativity comes your way. The holidays for you in 2008 are likely to be especially magical and memorable. Love is in the air!


The first three weeks of December are exciting and stimulating for you, dear Leo. This is a decidedly romantic and creative period for you. You have special magnetic appeal, extra energy, and a real yen for excitement now. Creative Leos will be on a roll, producing more than ever, and publishing opportunities may be forthcoming. The last week of December features a job offer or opportunity, possibly a work-at-home endeavor. Don’t wait until the New Year to make resolutions regarding health and fitness—the time is now.


You simply can’t wait until the New Year to begin fulfilling your resolutions regarding health, fitness, and lifestyle changes, dear Cancer. The time is now! You are raring to go, ready to completely rework your routines. You have more energy than usual for work, projects, and anything that involves reorganizing and restructuring. Taking care of details is what’s on your mind now. The last week of December brings intense energy to a partnership or significant relationship. The need for changes in your approach to a partnership becomes apparent now.


Balancing your needs with those of a significant other involves plenty of negotiating and back-and-forth before arriving at any conclusions this month, dear Gemini. Times like these require a certain amount of tact and a need to let others take center stage for the time being. A loan or repayment is likely to make headlines for you towards the end of December. A personal project could bear fruit around the Full Moon on the 12th, which occurs in your sign. An intimate conversation with someone special can be very revealing mid-month.


Sharing, intimacy, finances, and power plays all figure strongly for you in December, dear Taurus. In the first three weeks of the month, you are thinking strategically, making plans, and watching others around you more than you are participating. You stand to gain much from your observations! The last week of the month brings with it buzz of travel or educational opportunities, most likely involving a partner, who has been going through a lot of changes recently. Creative avenues open up on the job this month, and your credibility soars.


Work is very rewarding this month, dear Aries, yet you still manage to find ways to break the routine. You are very busy expanding your horizons, whether it’s through actual travel or “armchair travel”. At times, you may come across as opinionated, but it’s more likely enthusiasm for sharing your thoughts. Romance is to be found when you are enjoying non-routine activities. December presents a nice balance of recognition and accomplishment, as well as recreation and love. A stellar romantic opportunity occurs on the 4-6, and professional rewards arrive in the last week.


Leo’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

November 2008 will be the month of primary instincts and adventure. Flirts, fun and sex! Routine is not for you, what incites you are experiences, novelty and maybe even risks.

If you already have a relationship, it needs to be stimulated, re-enforced, because otherwise your interest might get distracted.

You’ll have great receptivity to somebody’s advances that have been around for some time, so it’s not excluded that you start a relationship with a colleague.

Leo’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Success will come more easily if you work in an artistic, creative, relaxing, educational or sportive field, but opportunities might occur regardless of the area you work in. There will be some offers for extra work, a better-paid job, more comfortable work conditions, etc. You might get the chance of being in the spotlight, of being a star.

The general prognosis is favorable, and success brings along some raise or at least some stabilization of the financial situation. An investment or an important acquisition could tempt you.

Leo’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

There are no problems in store. It’s true that you have to cope with increasing restlessness in the first part of November 2008 (over solicitation, stress, some conflicting situations), but Jupiter will protect your health, and after November 12th, Venus will give you a hand.

An observation is in order though: both Jupiter and Venus are gourmand planets that love good food and are prone to eating excesses. Pay attention to your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar!


Cancer’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The passing of Mars, of the Sun and of Mercury through the house of sex, and the presence of the two benefic, Venus and Jupiter, in the sector of couples will supply a... “hot” November.

You’ll seduce, get proposals and attract favorable circumstances. It will all happen on the background of a happy Jupiter-Saturn trine, which will take things to a serious approach, future-oriented.

Take advantage of the exceptional astral configurations to find your pair or to do something special with the person dear to you!

Cancer’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

You’ll show creative and expressive capacity, you’ll put forward the best of you and you’ll use the advantageous situations. You’ll negotiate your interests wisely and you’ll be lucky as regards collaborations and contracts.

The second part of November 2008 will get very busy: much workload, short deadlines, crises that require immediate decisions, organizational spirit and fast reactions.

The minor speculations can bring you benefits in the first part of November but the money will be provided especially by work and collaborations.

Cancer’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

There won’t be any problems in the first part of November 2008, on the contrary: your vitality will be exceeding and will need to be used on constant activities such as sports, trips, dance or... sex.
Inconveniencies could occur after the 16th of November, when Mars enters the house of health, and could get worse in the last decade, when the Sun is also around. Excesses of any kind, imprudence, inappropriate diets and stimulants are strongly forbidden.


Gemini’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

November 2008 will have a significant relational load: Venus (the planet of love) will cross the house of couples until the 12th, and from 16th, Mars will (sex and passion). There is no room for idleness, and indifference will not be tolerated!

The opposite sex will rediscover your charm, will make you offers or will try to provoke you, which in fact, you can hardly wait.

Mystery is what incites you most and the harder the person besides you lets you discover him/her, the greater your lust and interest become.

Gemini’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Collaborations and teamwork, competition and contradictory opinions, in brief feedback and the others’ involvement will be both stimulating and stressful in November 2008.

The first part of November will be full of responsibilities and won’t leave any respite to you, but it will be enjoyable as regards collaborations.

The second part of November involves less workload, but it seems to be as soliciting for your nervous system. You’ll pull it through if you take things one at a time, with no rush.

Expect much money, from side sources!

Gemini’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Overdoing it can weaken your immunity system. The passing of the Sun, Mars and Mercury through the house of health is a warning signal that you should take better care of yourself and shouldn’t take any risks.

Stay away from cold, dampness or draught, avoid contact with sick people and handle hot, inflammable, sharp or dangerous objects carefully! Don’t forget about your doctor and stick to the prescribed treatments!


Taurus’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The previous month’s tendencies will continue by and large until the 16th of November: passion, the desire to energetically interact with the person by your side, sometimes too energetically... It’s Mars’ influence, located in Scorpion, in the house of couples.

It’s still Mars that makes your partner be more blazing, which can mean either passionate or aggressive.

The second part of November 2008 though is much more peaceful, cheerful, stable, richer in pleasant events - in one word, happier.

Taurus’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

November 2008 can be, following the previous month, characterized by collaborations, but there can also occur the risk of rivalries or opinion/interests clashes.

Luck will be on your side especially regarding professional training and business trips, cultural, university, legislative environment, tourist or import-export activities.

The second part of November 2008 will bring an increased interest and dynamics in economy: business, investments, extra earnings, payments and expenses.

Taurus’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

You’ll enjoy an enviable physical and psychical resistance, but this doesn’t completely protect you from stress. November will be a hectic month in the first part, and full of worries in the second, although they might not always be justified.

Physically, you’ll experience some tension and more tiredness in the first decade. You could avoid it by taking breaks to focus on some activities that you like doing.


Virgo’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

In the first decade of November 2008 there will be more planning than actually doing. Fortunately, on 12th of November Venus will enter the house of eroticism and passion, where it will meet Jupiter, enhancing thus the sentimental enthusiasm. There will be special encouragement for love and sex for pleasure, with no prejudices, responsibilities or commitment.

You can now try new things and experience sensations whose joy you had no idea about. Be careful, though: transits favor procreation as well, so if you’re not ready for children, take care!

Virgo’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

It’s time for initiatives and procedures. The practical sense is very keen, just like the talent of solving real problems.

You’ll be crossing an interval that will highlight your intelligence, abilities, training and communication capacity. There will be a preference for movement and information, and your dexterity seems keener. Creativity will intensify starting with the second decade, involving all your born or acquired gifts.

Money will be better in the second decade.

Virgo’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

The situation will stay the same and the indications too: located in Virgo for a long time, Saturn will weaken the optimism and the immunity system. Take some vitamins, exercise, get enough rest, eat healthy and don’t get angry over trifle things!

Try and strengthen your body, and if you get the slightest signal that something is wrong, go to the doctor’s immediately!


Aries’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

In November 2008, sexuality will either come second in your relationship, or it won’t be possible to separate it from emotions and mind.

Physical closeness simply as a sport or by chance is out of the question. Still, even if it happens, it won’t be good enough for you. You’ll need compatibility as regards ideas and principles and you’ll also need feelings, deep matching on several levels.

Love could also involve crossing some geographical or spiritual barriers. A long-distance relationship is also possible.

Aries’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

Career is getting better and better. The second decade promises more than the first one, and the third is even better.

November 2008 will bring you the chance, the possibility of consolidating your position and also new expansion opportunities. You’ll get praise, prizes or fame. Professional update and training have an important input, but connections have a significant contribution as well.

Finances are in the spotlight in the first two decades: extra money will come, account settlements, investments and expenses.

Aries’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

You won’t get the most of things at the beginning of November, but you might get it at the end of it. The first two weeks will be prone to anxiousness and inner concerns and will lower your vitality. It will then recover considerably in two phases: the first starts on the 16th November when your ruler, Mars, enters the energetic and enthusiast Sagittarius, and the second, on the 22nd November, when the Sun makes the same move.

In the last week of November 2008 you’ll be in the best of shapes.


Libra’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

If you don’t have the Ascendant in a sentimentally active sign in November, don’t expect too much, but rather a still period.

However, some conclusions can be drawn from Venus’ movement, the ruler of the sign, that dictates the general environment, within which we could talk about the sentimental one as well: a few delicate days at the beginning of the first and the second week, higher optimism after 12th November and a context favorable to happy changes and decisions at the end of the month.

Libra’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Money, procedures, arrangements, discussions, negotiations and traveling - November’s atmosphere in 2008 is quite pragmatic.

You don’t have exaggerated ambitions, you don’t want to step forward at any cost. You’ll focus on immediate goals, on sensible results. You’ll do very well at your intellectual preoccupations (informing, learning and writing) and those real estate-related (transactions, constructions, architecture, decorations etc.).

In the first part of November you’ll try hard to earn money, while in the second you’ll make profitable investments.

Libra’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

You’ll still be able to make changes about your lifestyle, to try new diets and new methods to improve your look, to try and get rid of some undesired habits: Jupiter will control the Saturn (old, rigid) - Uranus (new, change) opposition that will affect your health and body-care axis.

Do something about it now, because since January Jupiter will lose interest in this issue and such measures can become risky or useless.


Pisces’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The beginning of November 2008 can turn out to be unpleasant from the sentimental point of view. Inconveniencies will only last for a couple of days though.

In the rest of the time, the general tendency will be towards stabilization, maturity and affective seriousness, background against which you can make a relationship official or you can make plans for the future of your home and family.

If we’re talking about a relationship that’s already on the rocks, it might be time you made a decision about it.

Pisces’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

November 2008 is the right month for studying, doing research, editing, publishing, doing business with foreigners or starting long-distance collaborations. But, no matter the field, from the second half of November on, you’ll see a raise of the dynamics, a strong wish to prove your strength and get concrete results.

You’ll benefit from the support of your fans and protectors, you’ll be making headway with your group activities and a serious collaboration or contract might come along.

Financially, a raise of your side income is in store for you.

Pisces’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Uranus, located in Pisces for a long time, will lend you great energy, but Saturn’s opposition can try and hold you back, throwing obstacles in your way, delays or interruptions, that will try your patience and undermine your optimism.

The first part of November 2008 will supply some equilibrium, but starting with November 16th until the holidays, Mars will collide with Uranus and Saturn, bringing along more stress and maybe even endangering your health. Beware!


Scorpio’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

The passionate urge will be encouraged by Mars in November 2008, as well, until around 16th.

Sexuality is expressed by sudden, intense outbursts that ask for immediate attention. Your feelings will be blazing and you could be having initiatives that you wouldn’t have dared to have before. The tendency is to conquer, not to seduce, and the approach is direct and open.

This erotic-sentimental wave will cool down in the second part of November 2008, which seems to be dominated by reason. You’ll be very attracted to people that you have intellectual and spiritual affinity with, while communication will become essential for the relationship.

Scorpio’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Mars will prove its enterprising spirit not only in the relational area, but also in the professional one. Ambition, competition and the wish to stand out that are characteristic of it go hand in hand with the authority and dignity that the Sun’s passing through Scorpio induces in you. You’ll have the necessary force to set a long-term project going or to hurry the accomplishment of some intentions that were running too slowly for your taste.

Mercury in Scorpio will clear up your mind, lend you good ideas and persuading capacity and help you handle the information efficiently.

Moreover, in November 2008 you’ll be very sharp in the financial area, you’ll get and use your chances of raising your income.

Scorpio’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Excellent tonus, especially in the first two decades of November: energy, self-confidence, action impulse.

Still, some Martian-type manifestations are possible until the 16th of November: acute fits, fever, infections, muscle pains, gum-boils, cuts, burns or other such small accidents, occurred because of carelessness or haste.


Sagittarius’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

Love is one of the most obvious preoccupations in November 2008. It will be mostly affective in the first part of the month, while Venus is in your sign, and sensual in the second part, when Mars is in Sagittarius.

An indisputable advantage is attractiveness: the opposite sex is very receptive to your charm and seduction attempts. However, don’t rely on it only! Communication is at least as important for your relationship.

Sagittarius’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

"Slowly, but surely" should be the motto of November 2008. Properly and patiently done things are better for you rather than feats of strength.

Perseverance, diplomacy and connections are auspicious in the former half of November 2008. In the latter half, dynamism will go up, but the tendency to take action quickly, carelessly might lead you to incidents.

Financially, luck will be on your side in November 2008, especially in the second and third decades that can bring you more money.

Sagittarius’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

The energy level will lower in the first part of November 2008, after which it will raise visibly, step by step. In the last decade you’ll be in your best shape.

After November 16th 2008 you might experience some daring tendencies that should be tempered by the end of the month, when you risk having unpleasant incidents because of lack of perseverance or of things done hastily.


Capricorn’s Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

It’s highly possible that in the first decade of November 2008 you’ll feel lonely, experience a sort of reserve in expressing your feeling or that your relationship will undergo a more complicated period.

The situation will change after the 12th November, once Venus enters Capricorn, and the rest of November (and the first week of December) can turn out to be the happiest affective period of the year.

Take advantage of it, depending on the case, to find your soul mate, to strengthen your relationship or even make it official!

Capricorn’s Money & Career Horoscope In November

Jupiter, which has already given you some opportunities in 2008, will be very generous in November. Supported by the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the first part of November 2008, and accompanied by Venus in the second and the third decade, it promises to offer chances and success.

Joint projects and collaborations will be unfolding smoothly, but favorable conjunctures can occur in any field, the financial one included.

The luck you’ll be enjoying will lead to envy and some might try and sabotage you, but with no success.

Capricorn’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

Optimism and self-confidence look good with you. Venus’s arrival in your sign ensures some extra inner peace and good mood starting with November 12th.

However, some sudden mood changes are not ruled out. They will appear unexpectedly and won’t last for long, fortunately.

Medically, there could be some mineral disequilibria, maybe spasmodic manifestations (cramps, contractions, tendrils), caused by a lack of magnesium.


Aquarius’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In November

Love does not seem to be a major preoccupation. Maybe you’ll have other priorities or maybe love will simply not raise problems. As for the rest, you seem to have higher standards: you’ll be attracted to famous or well-positioned people, you’ll demand much of the person on your side, according to the high hopes you have for him/her.

As Mercury will be next to the ruler of the house of couples (the Sun) most of November, communication, exchange of ideas and trips seem to be highly important for the relationship in this time of year.

Aquarius’ Money & Career Horoscope In November

You’re crossing an energetic period, full of projects and ambitions, whose accomplishment requires efforts, interest and struggle. The right word for November 2008 would be "efficiency". Mars, which will be crossing the house of career in the first part of the month and the house of future plans in the second part, will be dynamic and quick and will aim straight and daringly. The Sun, also present in the area of social-professional status, promises success and authority.

Financially, money will come, but it needs to be handled rationally and carefully.

Aquarius’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In November

When you have a definite target, you pull yourself together and you cope with the situation very well. When you lack motivation, your strength goes down as well. It’s your subconscious that drives your energy. November 2008 seems to be more appropriate for a more thorough self-analysis to spot inner moral support and to find the most efficient way of using it.


Your sense of adventure runs high this month, dear Pisces, and you are itching for a change of pace. Any partnership conflicts that have been brewing are magnified in November, however. The key to resolving this potential tug-of-war is to find common ground and to renew the element of friendship and equality in your relationship. Watch for money tensions around the 4th and social blunders or misunderstandings on the 17-18. The last week of the month is outstanding for work, money, and career.


Business and public affairs continue to play a big role in your life in November, dear Aquarius, but the pressures and over-activity in these areas you encountered last month begin to dissipate. As a result, you’re more likely to enjoy your increased exposure and recognition on a professional level. Increased responsibilities continue to be an issue in your life, but you feel more in control. Love this month is rather business-like as well, or could be found through professional contacts. Friends and group activities are strong in the last week.


Expansion, confidence, and hopefulness are keywords for November, dear Capricorn. You are feeling good about yourself and confident about your future. A romantic revelation occurs around the Full Moon on the 13th. This is also the time when Venus, the planet of love and attraction, enters your sign. It’s easier than ever to attract exactly what you want during this cycle. November is likely to be memorable for love and romance! Confusing financial matters or questions of ownership begin to resolve this month.


November is an especially strong month for you in terms of career and family matters, dear Sagittarius. It’s also excellent for personal finances. The first few weeks of the month could involve some sacrifices and rethinking of your plans. However, it’s a time of gathering your resources for the weeks ahead. The last week of the month is extremely busy. You are willingly taking the lead and others have your best interests at heart. A lover or partner is paying a lot of attention to you, and it feels fabulous.


November is a month of increased confidence and initiative for you, dear Scorpio. Others are following your lead now. It’s an excellent month in which to present your ideas, state your case, or simply get up to date with your emails, phone calls, and paperwork. Career offers come now, and money owed to you could also arrive, particularly in the last week of the month. You begin to realize some of your dreams of creating an ideal home environment in November, as you seem to have a handle on your daily activities.


It’s time to organize your personal finances this month, dear Libra, after perhaps some over-spending. November is an excellent month for budget-making, asking for a raise, and discovering new ways to boost your income. The 10-12 is a strong time for money matters. Some erratic elements on the job can leave your head spinning at times, but keeping your cool is necessary. A generally friendly, positive attitude this month helps you to do just that. The last few days of November are excellent for education, learning, and communications.


A busy month that involves plenty of errand-running, tending to paperwork, and attending appointments is in store for you, dear Virgo. When Venus enters fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 12th, your charm increases and you easily attract what (and who) you want! You may have to deal with a partner who is acting a little irresponsible (in your eyes) or erratic this month. Romance without any strings or expectations might be the answer. The 15-16 is a period of strength for you, when your powers of persuasion are especially effective.


Domestic and family matters continue to take center stage for you this month, dear Leo. At first glance, the month may not seem to be as productive as most, but in fact you are “building your nest”, gathering your resources, and preparing for busier months ahead. A career or reputation matter demands attention around the Full Moon on the 13th. Romantic activity picks up after the 16th. Socializing on the job, and perhaps even meeting someone through work, is also part of the picture in the second half of the month.


Romance, play time, and creativity continue to take center stage in the first few weeks of November, dear Cancer. Still, there will be times when you feel bogged down by learning, projects, paperwork, and errands. You do find time for indulging in hobbies and other pleasurable activities. Your charm runs very high again this month. The 13th brings the need to help out a friend. Work is a scurry of activity in the last week of the month, and this period also favors stepping up physical activity or health routines.


Work continues to be in the spotlight for you this month, dear Gemini. However, responsibilities on the home front are likely to conflict with career matters. Work is busy for you in November, and you take especial pride in what you do. From the 16th forward, a partnership steps up a notch, becoming more dynamic and dramatic, and particularly so in the last week of the month. A love relationship reaches new levels of intimacy. A loan or money owed to you could arrive on the 29-30, particularly if it involves family or property.


Close personal relationships are in focus this month, dear Taurus. You find yourself making concessions more than usual. A conflict between time spent with lovers or children, and time spent with friends or group activities, is likely to capture your attention. Your responsibilities might interfere with your social life this month. Your desire nature is strong from mid-month forward. A full Moon occurs in your sign on the 13th, pulling up some surprising emotions and feelings. Love opportunities are strongest on the 11 and 28. Good news arrives on the 29-30.


Finances, taxes, and intimacy are main themes for the first few weeks of the month, dear Aries. A love relationship reaches new depths of understanding. You are also very busy with research and investigations of all kinds. You are easily engrossed by special subjects and projects this month, and eagerly throw yourself into learning and producing. The need for challenges, whether these are mental or physical, becomes palpable from the 17th forward. A travel, publishing, creative, or educational opportunity falls into your lap in the last week of the month.


You are very prone to marrying early, only to have it fail. Your domestic instinct is so strorig it pulls you in as soon as is legally possible—in your case, often right out of high school. Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for the realities of such a young partnership, especially not you. Your need for domestic bliss only worsens the inevitable problems, and once your mate discovers you're soft on the inside, it could shatter his or her image of you as the hard protector. The trouble is, you're both at once, which makes it harder for you to achieve that
perfect symbiosis.

That said, your ideal mate is likely to be Capricorn, but only after a few failed relationships. Once you reach your thirties and settle a bit, you're home free. Capricorns are your soulmates—they're just as shy and just as driven to perfection. You also may have an attraction to Scorpio, whose dominant nature should fit well with your caring side, and Rsces, who understands your depth of feeling like no other.

You'll want to avoid matches with Gemini (too flighty for you), Aries (too bold and selfcentered), and Sagittarius (despite an initial attraction, the wandering, popular Sagittarian may be too much for you to handle, and jealousy and rage are right around the corner).


Your real talent is caring for people. Your depth of understanding and loyalty know no bounds, so you will eventually find yourself making a nice living in any occupation that requires this expertise. If you currently spend most of your working hours pushing papers, or operating machinery, you're in the wrong profession.

A great deal of Cancerians are managers, either on a corporate level or a small-business supervisory level, even in the entertainment or artistic worlds. You know every detail of what a person needs, how to soothe hurt feelings, how to stand up for someone in a crisis, and how to oversee an entire network of people working together harmoniously. Other Cancerian careers include nursing, teaching, curating a museum or library (these involve both caring for the work of generations and the sentimental pack rat instinct), and anything marine-oriented.

If you stick to these areas, you are bound to be financially successful. You are not an original thinker; rather, you expound on existing ideas, so it's not advisable to pursue your own business. You're better working within a given system or company, improving methods and earning the respect of your coworkers. Plus, you are a natural worrier and saver, so you've no doubt already planned for the worst. If you're an extreme case, you might even amass a fortune just because you're so concerned about not having enough to feed your family. Your anxious temperament will always protect you financially (and otherwise), but to truly enjoy lif e, you need to stop worrying about it so much.

Famous Cancerians include Helen Keller, perhaps the most heroic Cancerian of all, because she was able to emerge from the toughest outer shell fate could deal a person; "Silent" Calvin Coolidge; the introverted writers Ernest Hemingway and Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous naval officer John Paul Jones, the painter Whistler (who's most famous work is of his mother—again, pictures of family take priority with a Cancerian), the Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (most noted for the brooding quality of his work), industrialist Nelson Rockefeller (who amassed a fortune worrying), and King Henry VIII, who was obsessed with domestic perfection.


You are not a flashy person. Your colors are silver and white, because the moon is your ruling heavenly body. For this reason, your sense of style is unassuming. You prefer not to attract attention. In clothing, you prefer basics—you're especially fond of old T-shirts, jeans, boots, and jackets that have served you well over the years. In fact, when you finally admit you have to replace them, you'd just as soon buy new ones that look exactly like the old ones. You're just sentimentally attached to them, like old friends.

Similarly, you never choose a sporty car. Security is foremost in your mind, because your car is essentially an extension of your home, an outer shell on the highway. You are attracted to cars with rounded, crablike features, as long as they have a reputation for safety—most German and Swedish models fit this bill.

Your home reflects not only your passion for domestic tranquility, but also your caring side. You hate to throw things out, especially if they have the slightest sentimental value. You're not the tidiest person—you probably have drawers, closets, and shelves full of old letters, childhood drawings, photo albums and the like. You're sure to have photos of family and close friends where you spend the most time, such as a study. You probably get nagged a lot for being a pack rat, and your tenacious side fights back, refusing to part with every cherished souvenir. As with your worrying, you may need to compromise in this department in order to avoid domestic discord.


Since your sign rules the breast and stomach, you must treat those areas with extra care. There's a common misconception that Cancers are more likely to get the disease of cancer than any other sign. This is nonsense. Worry-wart that you are, you can at least stop fretting about that one. You are more prone to gastric ailments, coughs, and colds. Diet is especially important in your constitution, even more so because you have a tendency to eat a lot of fatty, nutritionally empty foods.

You most enjoy activities that alleviate the stress you've built up from all that worrying. Golf is popular among Cancerians for this very reason. Even better, any relaxing pastime that involves water is highly recommended—fishing, sailing, or for the more active, water-skiing.

Because of your domestic affinity, you also enjoy home-based hobbies. You might want to build an addition to your house (extending that shell), or continue perfecting it in some way—you always seem to have little projects to do around the home, be it painting, fixing, or strengthening its security.

Finally, needlework is popular among Cancerians, perhaps because it closely resembles the movement of a crab's pincers.

Many Cancerians are attracted to art—it's such an emotional sign, it's natural to feel the expression deeply. You may love photography in particular, because it captures the emotion of a moment. (It also involves silver, the color of the moon!)


Although your tough outer shell is there for your own protection, you are frequently misunderstood because of it—on the outside, you appear reserved and even unfeeling. Inside, however, your still waters run very deep indeed. It often frustrates you that people don't see the real you, the side of you that cares so deeply for others; when you do let your emotions run to the surface, people just think you're being moody or touchy.

You have a tendency to brood, even to become severely depressed. You're always frowning, worrying about all your problems instead of enjoying the view—you probably live by a body of water, so step outside and let its power comfort you. Go fishing.

Ironically, because of your primal need for domestic tranquility, you often become too demanding of your mate. You want your home to be perfect, like some "Father Knows Best" fantasy family. You must realize that everyone has faults, that life isn't ever going to be perfect, and that you should just roll with it and do the best you can. Domestic strife is quite common with Cancerians for this reason, but it needn't be. Lighten up.


You are extremely sensitive, a quality that has its good and bad sides. Speaking positively, no other sign except Pisces feels as deeply as you do. You've had a great deal of tears-in-your-beer nights, and these experiences have led you to a deeper understanding of life, and a strong commitment to care for others, because you know what they're going through in times of trouble. You comfort, you counsel, you console. This makes you an ideal friend. Once you make a friend, you're always there for them, to bail them out, to keep their secrets, to take their hysterical late-night phone calls. If anyone or anything threatens them, you're the first to defend them— not by erupting into attack mode, but by retreating into a bunker and lying in wait, like a crab retreats into his hole. Your first line of defense is your tough outer shell, which is hard enough to crack. If threatened further, you then attack with your pincers.

The outer shell metaphor extends to the fact that you're most comfortable in your own home — more than any other sign, you are the domestic expert. You know exactly which furniture goes with which decor, or how to hang blinds, even how to fix the faucet. Combined with your caring side, this makes you an ideal mother or father—no matter how busy your career may get, your family and home life will always come first.


It was the ancient Assyrians who first designated the crab as the symbol for Cancer, because they believed the crab to carry its home on its back. In fact, it's merely his skeleton. They were right in associating Cancers with being attached to their homes, however.

The primary reason they chose the crab is because the sun enters Cancer on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The next day, it begins its backward motion towards the equator. Therefore, as it moves forward through time, it's moving backwards in the sky. This apparent paradox is perfectly symbolized by the crab, which must move backwards in order to move forwards.

The word itself is derived from the Arabic "khan," which means resting place, and "keras," which refers to encircling arms. Put the two together, and you have a picture of a person who places a high value on his home life, and who is extremely caring.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which presides over emotions (the tidal forces within us), home life, fertility, and maternal qualities. It is a water sign, so Cancerians tend to reside near an ocean, lake, or river. And it's the fourth house of the zodiac, which is physically represented by the breast and stomach, whose most pervasive quality is tenacity.



22 November – 21 December

You like the outdoors - freaking out if you are in a tent, camper, or on the
beach. You enjoy sex, but you don’t like to prolong the preliminaries and want to start
the main show as soon as possible. Like to tease your partner to the point of losing
control. You don’t mind if your partner comes too quickly – you are a generous and
accepting lover. Best sex mates: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Your sexual wardrobe will
consist of accessories - gloves and shoes!

MEN: Sex is rarely an intense experience with him - he often comes too quickly, but he’ll
be the first to try a new position. He is the master of erotic massage - both oral and
manual. His tongue can be a wicked instrument and when combined with his lips,
creates an explosive effect! Erogenous zones: hips and thighs. And he likes to look at a
woman’s calves and thighs, and likes to have sex with a woman in stockings.



22 October – 21 November

Inquisitive, searching and experimental. Knows that eroticism consists of more
than the physical act of lovemaking. While looking like a perfect lady in public, you dress
and act like a whore in the bedroom. Control of the orgasm is very important and will try
anything to help your man maintain his potency. You never take no for an answer and
when interested in someone, you will pursue him with determination and guile. Best sex
mates: Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Props you love: scented body oils,
flavoured lubricating gels, and vibrators.

A lustful, sexy animal. Enjoys biting and sucking and is a master of oral sex.
Inflicting pain turns him on so he may pinch at nipples or the inside of thighs. Likes it in
water, but his kink is that the prefers wooden tables and hard floors to satin and silk. His
erogenous zone is his genitalia.



22 September – 21 October

Drama is the key word - you set the stage for sex. Intensely feminine and an
instinctive exhibitionist. You feel your body was made to be seen and admired. Feel that
seduction is an art, not an assault. When approached the right way, you find it easy to
say yes to almost anything. Unusual control of vaginal muscles. Best sex mates: Aries,
Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Like any position where your buttocks
are exposed.

Looks for the whole experience, not just a tumble between the sheets. Has a
definite kinky side, a voyeur and fond of the ‘menage–a–trois’. He has the patience
needed to satisfy. He like women who dress well and have long hair. If a woman’s
clothes look as though they are easily removed, he finds her hard to ignore. Erogenous
zone: back and buttocks, especially the feel of erect nipples against either of them!



22 August – 21 September

You have no illusions about sex and wish everyone would stop magnifying its
importance. Prefer men who will wait for the relationship to develop to the point where
sex is inevitable. You love mutual masturbation and enjoy a little punishment and your
grace and modesty is a great turn on. You become an artist at pleasing your lover.
Favourite kink: can’t truly enjoy it unless a third party is present. Best sex mates: Gemini,
Cancer and Aquarius.

MEN: Too shy to make an overture, but when the moment arrives, you had better be
prepared for him to bring his pyjamas, shaving equipment, and toothbrush. He likes to
talk about how you like it and having talked about it, he will key in on the right erotic
response. Don’t expect imagination, but he is a hard worker and is open to suggestion.
His secret life: can be obsessed with pornography. Erogenous zones: his buttocks.



22 July – 21 August

Sleek, lascivious, enticing and lazy! Whatever Leo wants, Leo gets! Intensely
responsive and there are bed partners who have scars to prove it. Your need to show off
leads you to prefer the top where he can look up and admire the beauty of your body.
Best sex mates: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aries. Your sexual wardrobe: full of
wispy cutout bras and panties!

MEN: Simply brushes aside rules and conventions. One important rule to remember
about him: NEVER tease. His endurance is remarkable and he has a great appetite for
making love. He likes women in the submissive position and oral sex is okay when he is
on the receiving end. He likes a woman to show how much she is enjoying it. His
erogenous zone: his back is particularly vulnerable.



22 June – 21 July

Will never make the first move, but you can be a marvelous lover for you are
capable of intense sensuality. You will reciprocate passion with a fever that will stir his
heart and stimulate him to his best performance. On your own time, you have a
fondness for masturbation. Your favourite position: lying prone while your man enters
you from behind. Best sex mates: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. You may
become a slave to sexual pleasure!

MEN: His most surprising technique: intercourse with no hands. He has a need for
constant encouragement and if gotten, he will be a delightful swain. Both patient and
aggressive, he will often begin somewhere other than bad: likes being in command, and
is a master at manual clitoral manipulation! You’ll like the trip as it as much travelling to a
place as it is arriving.



22 May – 21 June

Often the aggressor; you are never embarrassed by your behaviour because
you never adhere to any standards except your own. Your main requirement: a lover
who knows how to take his time. You are a one woman harem, but a partner should be
aware that in a relationship, the Gemini woman is looking for a combination of the
spiritual and the physical, the romantic and the practical. You want to talk to the guy after
you tumble with him! Best sex mates are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarians, Libra, and Aries.
Favourite gadget: the vibrator.

MEN: He likes it with the lights on in front of a mirror. He can work any partner into the
mood because he knows exactly how to evoke the right responses. Oral sex isn’t his
favourite pastime, but will take his time with the other preliminaries. Tends to be fast and
furious, more concerned with satisfying himself than his partner, but he is more than
adequate in areas of lovemaking that are often neglected by other men. He can tell a
woman exactly what she wants to hear. His erogenous zone: move your lips and tongue
lightly up his arm.



22 April – 21 May

You expect your man to be kind and patient and make love to you by the
book. Like to be pleased by sex, but don’t look for unusual approaches. But you are a
demanding lover and leave your partner breathless. You have a need for oral
gratification, both giving and receiving. Best sex mates: Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio,
and Leo. Most likely kink: sucking on your toes, one by one. You also like biting . . .

MEN: He is the ideal lover - sensitive and understanding of his partner’s feelings. He
prefers it slow and easy; he won’t be your guide to the exotic unknown, but that he does,
he does beautifully. This is the guy to go for long and luxurious oral sex.
Stamina? This man could wear down a glacier! His erogenous zone: gently and slowly
kiss and bite the back of his neck.



22 March – 21 April

Wildly sensual, passionate and adventurous. You’ll have sex anywhere, you
know what you want - intense and frequent sex, you have a need for complete control,
but you’re also in love with love. As a mate, you are ardent, loyal, sentimental, and
earthly. Biggest thrill - the tickle of a man’s facial fuzz.

MEN: Sleeping with him is like playing croquet with live bombs you never know what is
going to happen! Never expect him to wait for you to be ready - he will rip your clothes
off if he is ready to go. Don’t tease him or you’d better be ready to deliver. Fond of slave
master games and he likes it rough. Aries men are also explorers, so be ready to go
where no woman has gone before. His favourite position - a woman on her knees
leaning forward.



22 February – 21 March

Always make the right moves, say the right things, and create the right
ambience. You are sexually liberated and enjoy a wide range of eroticism. If his
fantasies coincide with yours, the action can really get torrid! You seldom say no to
anything your lover suggests! Favourite places: in a waterbed or hot tub. Best sex
mates: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

MEN: Takes the lead in lovemaking and impatient if he doesn’t get a swift response.
Indifferent to sexual restrictions, both moral and legal; prefers a partner with a
tremendous sexual craving. Likes sex in a chair. He likes to be submissive. Becomes an
addict to anything that will give pleasure and release. Erogenous zones: massaging and
caressing his feet.



22 January – 21 February

A slow starter, you idealise love and encompass it with tenderness. Once
aroused though, anything goes! Extremely imaginative and likes to try new things. There
is nothing in any sex manual that you won’t try. Belief that anything that increases the
pleasure for your partner is worthwhile. Best sex mates: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
and Aquarius. Favourite sex position: standing up, and in water.

MEN: Never treats a woman like a sex object and prefers a variety of foreplay before
getting down to it. May have to be revved up, but once his engine is started, he is free
and inventive with amazing persistence. He will always see you through to climax. A
woman that knows what she wants will be very happy. He usually ensures an orgasm
twice - once orally and once genitally. Erogenous zones gently touching the calves and
ankles will get him going. Be careful though - a kinky Aquarium can be a sadist who
doesn’t like to be denied!



22 December – 21 January

WOMEN: Don’t need much foreplay - you go straight from zero to WOW in nothing flat!
Not interested in exotic variation; only staying in power. Since you like to dominate, you
like to be astride your man, set a rhythm, and please yourself. Once into a rhythm,
lovemaking becomes a wild contest with orgasm as the prize and you can depend on
getting here more than once. Also a scratcher and screamer. Best sex mates: Taurus,
Scorpio and Pisces.

MEN: Sex evokes the best he can offer. He is a planner and a schemer (that is schemer,
not a screamer!). Prefers a woman who knows what he enjoys, and he expects her to be
willing and ready whenever he wants her. Has the stamina of a marathon runner. Here is
the man who will hold off until you are ready to scream! Erogenous zone: a massage
that starts at the lower back and gently strokes upward along the sides of his spine.



Aries...The Ram...Fire Sign...Cardinal Sign...New beginnings, adventurer, courage, part of body is the 'head'


Taurus...The Bull...Earth sign...Fixed sign...Possessive, calm, relaxed, materialistic, loves creature comforts, part of body is the 'neck and throat'


Gemini...The Twins...Air Sign...Mutable...Communications, impulsive, changeable, inquiring, intelligent, exploring, part of the body is the 'lungs,arms, and hands'


Cancer...The Crab...Water Sign...Cardinal...The home, shy emotional, intuitive, protective, domestic, part of body is 'stomach and breasts'


Leo...The Lion...Fire sign...Fixed...Ownership, pride, ego, power, children, passionate, works well alone, part of body is the 'heart and spine


Virgo...The Virgin...Earth sign...Mutable, Attention to details, worrying, practical, analytical, discriminating,clean, a perfectionist, part of body is the 'colon


Libra...The Scale...Air sign...Cardinal...Marriage and union, partnerships, diplomatic, compassionate,balanced, part of body is the 'kidneys'


Scorpio...The Scorpion or Eagle...Water sign...Fixed...Intense, death, rebirth, responsibility, genuine, purification, the mafia of the zodiac, the part of the body is the 'sexual organs'


Sagittarius...The Archer...Fire sign...Mutable...Truth, religion, philosophy, generous, frank, enthusiastic, reason rather than emotion, adventurer, part of the body is 'lower


Capricorn...The Goat...Earth sign...Cardinal...Practical vision, unemotional, sober, orderly, control, manipulating, power, dependable, part of body is the 'knees'


Aquarius...The Water Bearer...Air sign...Fixed...Detached, team work, friends, unconventional, humane, independent, warm, part of the body is the 'legs and hips'


Pisces...The Fishes...Water sign...Mutable...Intuitive, accepting, understanding, impressionable, part of the body is the 'feet and ankles'


You are famous for your restlessness, especially in romance. You get bored easily, and as with other things in your life, you like to sample everything and everyone. Your best match is with Libra, who has just enough in common with you and just enough that's different. Your whims and fancies will be much appreciated and understood by the sign that loves to love. You also fare well in long-term relationships with Aquarius, who also is just capricious enough for you. You may find yourself attracted to Leos at first, but this pairing is ultimately unstable.

Those you should avoid are Taurus (too slow for you), Cancer (too stable and domestic) and Pisces (too emotionally needy—you'd hurt them far too often).


There are many Geminis in the communications field—radio, TV, journalism, publishing, and the like—for several reasons. Mercury, your planetary ruler, presides over communications and your skill with words. And you demand variety in your job: if you've met its challenge, and it becomes routine, you feel the urge to move on to the next project. In the communications field, people move around constantly. It's part of the deal. And in journalism, no day is ever the same twice—the hunger for information, the "newness" of news, keeps the famous Gemini restlessness content.

Geminis are also prevalent in the acting profession. The dual nature of the sign of the twins means that you can be yourself and a character at the same time. Plus, it allows your creativity to flourish, and you can move from project to project. Perhaps the only undesirable role would be in a long-running stage production, wherein you would have to repeat the same performance over and over for an extended period of time.

Famous Gemini actors include some of the best—Sir Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Bob Hope (who used the Gemini way with words in his joke-telling), Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, and Tony Curtis.

Your other talent is social. Anything that involves lots of human contact is up your alley, be it sales, promotion, or buying. Your way with words is an asset as an account executive, salesperson, or marketing rep. This might get you a promotion, but you're likely to get bored sitting behind a desk and long for the day-to-day human contact again.

Your love of words also can lead you to a career in literature, or perhaps even songwriting. Cole Porter, the master of clever wordplay in popular song lyrics, was born on June 9th. Literary Geminis include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the great poets Walt Whitman and William Butler Yeats.

You would be best served by finding a job that makes full use of your ingenuity, imagination, and love of ideas. Anything that requires quick thinking is also recommended, as long as it's not repetitive. You do not want a job that's static, or one that requires serious responsibility for the welfare of others (you're approach to people is light and social, not heavy and responsible), or one that involves manual labor.

Financially, you're as compulsive as you are in other areas. You are prone to capricious whims, so spending can easily be excessive. You're the type of person, for instance, that doesn't plan vacations—if you feel like flying off to Hawaii for a small vacation tomorrow, you'll slap down a credit card and do it. Later, when it comes time to justify the bills, you've got a problem, and then you're likely to avoid it and hope fate intervenes somehow. You think you'll get a promotion later, or win the lottery, or inherit money, and pay it off later. Pretty soon you're spending more on a shopping spree and getting further into debt, rationalizing it the same way. Obviously, this is not right. Your biggest challenge as a Gemini, in fact, could be keeping your financial binges in check. Train yourself to be more conservative with money.

One great way to turn this pattern around is to make your ingenuity work for you financially by creating money, not spending it. Think of new ways you can make money. Your mind is full of ideas—use them constructively. Perhaps a hobby can earn you money; if you're a writer, as so many Geminis are, find new publications to sell your work to; if you're in sales, think of a newapproach that will generate new clients. You get the idea.


Variety is truly the spice of your life. You hate to wear the same types of clothes all the time. You prefer separates, so you can mix and match them.

Also, plain prints are boring to you—you'll take a pattern of some kind, any kind, any day. Since movement is important, they must be light and comfortable. You don't like dark colors, only wearing them when you absolutely have to, and you quite like grey.

Your home belongs in a populated area, with lots of windows, so you can see people. You hate missing out on what's going on or being isolated. You also can't stand being confined, so you must have lots of room to move around. You do tend to have plenty of books and magazines, though, thanks to your need to feed your mind and your love of words.

You like to change the interior layout often, because you think it's boring for things to look the same all the time. You can also be quite fussy about where everything should be and how it looks—each room is color-coordinated and arranged just so, and neatness is important. This is because your home is often the center of activity socially—you must entertain a great deal, so it's vital that your home is impressive.

Food is not terribly important to you, except as a means to interact with people. You prefer to go out to lunch and dinner with company—eating alone is simply out of the question, because mealtime is your prime social hour. As a result, you do more talking than eating. You do enjoy lighter meals, and you especially like the variety of a buffet or salad bar. Heavier foods like steaks and roasts are definitely not your first choice—you get bored chewing so much—but chicken or tuna is okay. Fortunately, overeating is not one of your chief concerns, unless it's due to overstress—that's when you have a tendency to abuse food, so be careful there.


Gemini is an air sign, and the fact that it's ruled by Mercury also indicates speed. So you are most likely to be light and airy in many ways, including physical stature. You are slight and small-boned, but your most distinguishing features are your expressive eyes. They're busy watching everything, so they react a lot, moving from side to side, even expanding and dilating.

You love music, and if you play, it probably involves fingerwork and air—the flute is a natural choice for you. Your favorite sport is likely to be tennis—it involves lots of movement and action, yet not so much that you have to work incredibly hard at it. It's also social—not only as a way to have fun with a friend, but to see others at a tennis club.

Your sign rules the chest, lungs, arms, and hands, so these areas are particularly susceptible to ailments. You're more likely to get a common cold than other people, so take extra measures to avoid it. You're also prone to nervous disorders, so don't overwork or overdo the caffeine. Lightexercise—tennis, walking, skating, anything involving ease of movement and companionship that doesn't demand hard work or extraordinary skill—is highly recommended for you.


Since Gemini is represented by twins, some people believe the sign has a tendency towards schizophrenia, or at the very worst, a dishonest, two-faced character. The truth is, you're probably just misunderstood. To you, it's natural to think on two levels at once, but others can't understand it. Similarly, your playfulness is easily misinterpreted as deceit, so be careful not to overdo it, and try to be more aware of others' reactions to you. Quite often, you're so busy entertaining, charming, and theorizing that you don't stop to notice the effect of your words—you're too preoccupied with the next thought to see where the last one went.

As brilliant as your mind can be, you have to work to rein it in. Your attention wanders off a lot, as does your train of thought. Sartre can be lucid and penetrating on one page, then wander off on an errant tangent the next. If you organize your thoughts with more patience, your words will have more power. Otherwise, people are likely to react to you by saying things like, "That's very interesting, but who cares?"

You tend to be careless in many ways. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, both of which represent thoughts and ideas at the expense of feelings and sentimentality. So you are not easily hurt, but you can hurt others without even realizing it. And since you have little patience, you
have difficulty spending a long time with one person—you grow bored too easily—so your chances of settling down are limited unless you can tame this instinct and learn to appreciate a slower, richer experience. For this reason, divorce rates among Geminis are exceedingly high. (Even in Kennedy's case, his wife Jackie was seemingly ideal from our perspective, yet she was not enough to keep his interest from wandering to the likes of Marilyn Monroe.)

Other signs of carelessness in Geminis include chronic unpunctuality, a tendency to change jobs as soon as the current one loses your interest, and a penchant for leaving projects unfinished. You are a sampler of everything, but a master of very few. You just can't seem to devote yourself wholeheartedly to one area of expertise, so you never acquire the thorough depth of knowledge required for success in that field. You bob on the surface of life, but rarely dive into it too deeply.


First of all, you're a great thinker. Many of the world's intellectuals are Geminis. Your mind is insatiable—it's so quick on the uptake that you can't understand why everyone else is just now grasping what you got in a split second. In fact, by the time it takes them to catch up with you, your mind has become bored by the inactivity. You've already turned and twisted the knowledge around just to see what would happen, and to keep your mind active.

Some people mistake this playful brilliance as deception or dishonesty, because they can't keep up with you. But you're just trying to keep things interesting. Your mind needs to be fed with new ideas on a constant basis. Having recognized this at an early age, you've become remarkably adept at satisfying it. Wit is your forte. You love to laugh, because you're so good at sharp humor. You're particularly fond of puns and wordplay—Mercury rules writing, language, and a love of words—so you're quite the social charmer.

You're popular, and you know it. You enjoy people, and you love to watch them to keep your mind busy. You're at your best at parties, bars, the office water cooler—anywhere you can find people with whom you can laugh. You thrive on gossip and news—you need information constantly, more even than food.

You're an avid reader—again, because of your need for ideas and your love of words. In fact, you're one of the few people who can read a book, watch TV, and talk on the phone all at the same time—you relish thinking on several levels at once.

You have a natural affinity for word puzzles— you're unbeatable at Scrabble and a regular crossword solver—but you should consider using your language talents for more useful purposes. Learn a foreign language, or read more constructively for knowledge that will help you in the real world. You certainly have the aptitude for it—it's just a question of applying yourself.

Many Geminis are multi-talented. The great thinker Jean-Paul Sartre (June 21) was a poet, novelist, and philosopher; John F. Kennedy (May 29) was not only a great president but also a respected author (Profiles in Courage) and one of America's most gifted intellectuals. The Russian composer Igor Stravinsky (June 5) showed his precocity by penning his most famous pieces at a young age, then, like a true Gemini, not content to rest on his laurels, continued to innovate and experiment to satisfy his own mind, at the expense of confusing the public. He even lectured on poetry at Harvard.


Gemini is symbolized by twins. In Greek astrology, those twins were Castor and Pollux, twin stars in the sky and heroic brothers in myth. Castor was a great horseman, and Pollux was a champion boxer (ironic, because Gemini is not normally a violent sign). More commonly, the twins are thought of as bright children, which gives Gemini a sense of mirth, innocence, and great wonder.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which symbolizes great intelligence, communication (Mercury was the Messenger of the gods), eloquence, inquisitiveness, diversity, travel, speed, and changeability. If you are a Gemini, Wednesday is your lucky day (mercredi in French), and your best color is likely to be silver or gray.


As a lover, you are not as tempestuous as, say, Pisces, Leo, or Scorpio, but you are warm, sensual, and highly affectionate. As a mate, you are often ideal, because of your great capacity for love, your patience, and your stability.

Your ideal matches are with Scorpio (although it can be stormy, it's proven to endure), and the two other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Both are very stable and harmonious with you, although the latter is perhaps better suited to a business partnership. Even a partner of your own sign is compatible, although it's not often found.

Signs to avoid are Aries (although the Arian's strong will can be compatible with certain Taureans who are more docile, they're generally considered too independent-minded), Sagittarius (much too free-spirited for you), and Gemini (again, too restless).


Because Taurus rules the voice, some of the world's greatest singers are Taureans. The list includes Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como—all of whom are not just fine singers, but noted particularly for the remarkably smooth texture of their voices. They're like fine wine, aurally.

Taureans are often thought of as "salt of the earth" types, and this is,reflected in actors who are typecast as big, strong, silent, and earthy characters: Gary Cooper, Glenn Ford, and Henry Fonda fit this bill to a tee. You could even include Harry S. Truman in this category: as a president, he was very level-headed, and resolutely strong in his convictions (it takes a lot of guts to make the decision to drop an atomic bomb on two cities and stand by it).

You are most inclined to a job that involves tangible things, as opposed to ideas. You're good with your hands: you make a wonderful farmer, carpenter, construction worker, or chef. Your love of nature also can lead to a career as an environmentalist or animal trainer. Other land-based jobs, such as real estate agent, surveyor, or forester, are also strong possibilities.

Financially, you are no gambler. You prefer a more conservative approach to money, which includes stable, long-term investments and a steady, reliable income. Security is what's important to you, not adventure. The only negative in this picture is your famous obstinance. Without an open mind, you might not see a good opportunity when it comes along. It's healthy to be practical— that instinct will always protect you, but sometimes your bull-headedness can get in the way of greatness.


Because of your great sense of touch, you love to feel your clothes. Although it's important that they look good, because you are known for your taste, it's far more important that they feel good. Soft fabrics, especially silk, appeal to you.

For the most part, you tend to look better in clothes that are more classic, loose-fitting, and conservative. Don't choose modern, urban styles—their vertical lines will make you look awkward. Softer curves and softer fabrics are your choice.

You have broad taste in music—you appreciate rock, jazz, blues, folk, classical, and international styles all equally well. Your taste in art leans toward landscape painting and photography— they're more earth-based, and "truer" representations of the world as you see it.

You prefer a home that's more secluded—perhaps behind some trees, or in the middle of a block. This coincides with your tendency not to lead or stand out, but to take your place in the larger context. You are extremely protective and possessive of your home, however—security is foremost.

As with your clothing, your home must be comfortable and inviting—it must feel good to your senses. It reflects your good taste and affinity for natural beauty, so everything in it is of a high quality. You are attracted to hardwood floors, solid oak and other fine woods, lots of plants, and anything that seems to have an earthy quality to it.

As mentioned earlier, your favorite color is likely to be blue, based on Venus' influence. However, other astrologers believe Taureans are attracted to the earth tones, green and brown, because Taurus is an earth sign. As with any true astrological profile, sun signs are merely the beginning, so a full examination of your rising signs and houses will tell the tale.

Food is very important to you—no other sign values it as strongly as you do. You love to cook. Most food comes from the earth, so preparing it is natural to you. You take great pride in your meals, and the Venus influence here also enables you take sensual pleasure in your enjoyment of food. Many of the world's most accomplished chefs are Taureans.


Like your symbol, you have a tendency to be big-boned, strong, perhaps even overweight. You're not very fast on your feet, but you can tangle with the best of them. You are an earth sign, so you enjoy being in contact with the ground; this fact, combined with your acute sense of touch and great patience, makes you an ideal gardener.

Because of your affinity with the ear and throat, music is prominent in your life. Your voice is one of your most distinguishing features, and you know how to use it to your advantage—many Taureans are excellent orators, singers and singing instructors.

But this also makes you prone to physical ailments in the throat and neck area. Treat any infections immediately, because they could lead to more serious problems elsewhere. Also, you gain weight easily, so be careful not to overindulge on the food you love so much, and exercise regularly.


Your desire for security and stability are so strong you tend to be overly stubborn and possessive. No matter what misfortune, obstacles, or heartache befall you, you simply will not budge. Although this is admirable, too often it limits you and frustrates others in their dealings with you. If you refuse to see someone else's side of an argument, there is little chance of resolving the conflict, so your abstinences will hurt you in the end. You are prone to brooding and dark moods, but these are not faults, as long as you don't get mired in prolonged states of depression. Step back and look at the big picture if this occurs, and chances are the "builder" in you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


You are a builder, restorer, and caretaker of those things you find important—primarily the earth, animals, and people. You are self-reliant, painstakingly patient, and stubborn—bullish, in other words. You take a great deal of pride and pleasure in fixing up and maintaining a home, or discovering a starving animal and nursing it back to health, or planting trees where there were none before.

Because of this open-armed kindness, people find you wonderfully comfortable to be with. You make a great friend—you're stable, loyal, and loving. Touch is essential to you—you love to hug and be hugged.

You appreciate beauty in all its forms, due to your close affinity with nature. You prefer to surround yourself with people who have highly attractive qualities—be they external or internal. You cannot tolerate ugliness, especially of the earth—this makes you a firm opponent of pollution in all its forms.

Since truth and beauty are so closely related, you also have a preoccupation with honesty, and a low tolerance for corruption. You are forthright in your conversation, and so look people straight in the eyes when you speak to them. In fact, you tend to distrust those who cannot meet your gaze. Although some Taureans have been successful political leaders (primarily as peacemakers, such as Harry Truman), most are quite content to be led (this fits with the chronology of the zodiac: Aries, the first sign, is a natural leader; Taurus tends to follow him). That is not to say you are subservient; your self-reliance allows you to be successful and to be entrusted with great responsibility. But it is usually within a larger context: in other words, you make a great executive within the framework of a corporation, but you are not a maverick. You don't need to be president. In fact, you tend to shun the spotlight. Large crowds can be intimidating to you, so you are much more effective in small groups. Many Taureans are teachers, an occupation thatdisplays great patience, nurturing, and self-reliance within the larger framework of the educational system.


Unlike Aries, which has had several symbols over time, Taurus has always been represented by the bull. To the casual observer, it might seem odd that a bull, which is often thought of as an aggressive, primal creature, should symbolize a sign of peace and love. The reason? Timing. In ancient cultures, most springtime celebrations occurred around May Day, when the last traces of
winter were finally over, the land could be plowed again, and fertility was in the air. So the bull constellation's appearance in the night sky coincided with these festivities.

Also, the progression of the zodiacal signs occurs from the head down, so while Aries is represented by the head, Taurus has a strong connection to the neck, larynx, and ears.

Taurus' planetary ruler is Venus, the goddess of peace, love, and harmony. If you are a Taurus, Venus' likely influence on you includes your romantic, caring nature, your preference for the color blue (although there is some debate about this), and your favorite day—Friday (in French, vendredi, named after Venus).


Your stubborn independence often leads to loneliness, particularly in short-tempered Arians. The need to lead, to explore, to pioneer, often translates to impatience in relationships. At first, a new relationship will be supercharged, fiery, passionate in every way. But as it begins to settle and mature, you are likely to get bored, and begin looking for that excitement elsewhere. Thisconstant relationship "exploring" may be fun at first, but the bouncing around could ultimately get very depressing, as you later find yourself without the long-term companionship others enjoy.

Your ideal partnerships are with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius—you have a great deal in common with both. Aries and Libra is an excellent match of opposites, however—it mates Mars with Venus, and many secondary Arian character traits are primary with Libra, and vice-versa.

Those partnerships you should avoid are with Pisces (too sentimental for you), Gemini (too much bickering), and Virgo (too fussy for you).


You are well-suited for a career in the military and/or politics. There are more Arians in the armed services than any other sign (this has been proven statistically). Part of it is your affinity for metal, but your ambition and hard work also tends to be rewarded with more power in the military structure, and there is certainly a love of directness there, and a lack of tact. Metal also influences other career choices: many Arians are mechanics, surgeons, butchers, and drivers of any type of vehicle.

Needless to say, there is a long list of powerful military and/or political leaders in this sign, including the dictator Adolf Hitler, Soviet revolutionary president Nikolai Lenin, the formidable rulers Charlemagne and Otto von Bismarck, the great president and revolutionary thinker Thomas Jefferson, and the boisterous, power-monger-ing senator Joseph McCarthy. But leaders of othervarieties also show up, including the demanding conductors Arturo Toscanini and Leopold Stokowski and billionaire industrialist J.P. Morgan.

Financially speaking, although you can't be bothered with most details, money is an exception. This is due to your strong need to be independent—if you're in debt, you're in a sort of financial prison, and will therefore feel confined and depressed until you're back in the black; then you can dash around with the best of them.

Since you relish a challenge, you are prone to financial recklessness. You have a tendency to move from job to job, either from boredom or an inability to compromise and work harmoniously with others. As long as you use your sense of independence, leadership, and ambition constructively, you will be financially rewarded. Just be careful not to flaunt it too much on showy things, or to invest in get-rich-quick schemes. Money fuels your sense of freedom, so try to be responsible with it.


In clothing, movement is essential to you, so comfort takes precedence over fashion. You have an athletic physique, so you like to show it off with simple duds—shorts, T-shirts, warm-up suits, loose-fitting tops—anything that won't confine your motion, really.

Your favorite color is definitely red, the color of Mars and fire. Shades of red, brown, and yellow also appear, but nothing beats red for you.

You like your cars fast and sporty. A vehicle that defines the same athletic characteristics of your body is the preferred choice. It must feel good to drive, handle with agility, and accelerate with gusto. A red Corvette, Porsche, or 300-ZX is quite common with Aries drivers.

As for food, you prefer meat. It's red, it's substantial, and it's usually cooked over a flame (barbecuing appeals to all fire signs). Other reds also figure into your diet, such as spicy, peppered foods like curries and chiles (fire again) and tomato-based foods like spaghetti. Even with desserts, red fruits appear: cherry, strawberry and raspberry-flavored cakes, yogurt, and ice cream, as well as apple pie. Your ideal beverage, of course, is red wine.

You don't spend a lot of time at home, since you're always jetting from this activity or that, but the way your home looks is quite important to you. Its design and decor will reflect your strong independent streak, so you won't display a middling, run-of-the-mill taste, or calm, pastoral colors and images. You prefer strong, bold lines—in furniture and layout. Frilliness and gentility are nowhere to be seen. Your most likely motif is modern, perhaps even futuristic, with lots of high-tech touches like big-screen TVs, computers, and other gadgets. (In fact, you always appreciate a new toy as a gift.)


You are the most naturally athletic of any sign in the zodiac. Your body is your vehicle of life, and you tend to it well. Excellence in sports, which others struggle to achieve, comes rather easily to you, as if you were born to it. You are most effective in individual sports, such as track and field or tennis, and your independent spirit only furthers your drive for success. There is a particular affinity for metal in this sign, so an individual sport that combines with that—such as shooting, fencing, bicyciing, or race-car driving, is ideal.

Since Aries is a sign of such vitality and youth, health problems are fortunately uncommon. If anything, they occur not by chance but by your own doing, such as overexertion, overwork, or frustration from being in a situation where your strengths are not being employed. Headaches from an overtaxed system are the most frequent maladies (having sprung from the head of Zeus, thisshould come as no surprise!). When you are laid up, you feel utterly useless and depressed, because your primary vehicle is out of order. But in general, good health is certainly one quality you can boast of—yet another reason for you to be envied.


Most trouble spots in Arians' lives involve reckless actions. Aries is a fire sign—highly impetuous and combustible. You often leap before you look. In dangerous situations, you are the first to risk your life, but you must be careful not to misjudge your chances. In relationships, romantic and otherwise, you are prone to get angry at small provocations. In particular, you tend to be resistant to criticism, becoming defensive when your weaknesses are pointed out. Fortunately, however, your anger is short-lived; once the fire is put out, it will not reignite.

You sometimes arouse envy in others because of your leadership position, your tendency to show off, and your impatience with others. You believe that when something needs to be done, it should be done right away, in a certain way, and you can't understand why anyone should be slow or difficult about it. You'll end up doing the job yourself if you feel others aren't holding uptheir end.

Your natural aggressiveness is both commendable and dangerous, depending on how you direct it, of course. Allans are the war-starters of the zodiac if other astrological factors are negatively influenced. It's best to keep this in check by channeling your fighting spirit into business or sports-related competition—you can win those battles and hopefully make yourself and those around you happier as well.


Not surprisingly, then, if you are an Aries, you are a natural leader. Your energy and enthusiasm are boundless, as is your physical courage. Pioneers are rampant in this category, as are politicians. You care little about the past, preferring to seek new avenues into the future, so you will always throw yourself head and body into new projects, which makes you an ideal leader inbusiness and community. You rarely allow yourself to be found in a subservient role, such as a secretary or laborer. Instead, you will go out of your way to head your own business, even if it's a small one.

You are also known for your directness. Issues are generally black and white to you, and once you decide on something, you stick to it, proclaiming the strength of your position in no uncertain terms. This straight-to-the-point approach can be quite effective in situations like strategy meetings, where much time is lost in idle discussion, but an Arian's bluntness can often be upsetting to others, or even offensive. Tact and diplomacy are not in your nature, so smoothing over someone's hurt feelings is awkward for you.


The signs of the Zodiac begin with Aries, perhaps because in Greek astrology, Aries was represented by the war goddess Pallas Athene, who was not born but sprang from the head of Zeus as a fully-formed adult. Consequently, Aries is closely associated with both the head and war.

In other ancient cultures, the symbol for Aries was a rooster, indicating both aggressiveness and braggadocio; but eventually it came to be represented by a ram, indicating aggressiveness and stubbornness.

Aries' planetary ruler is Mars (the god of war in Roman mythology; in Greek mythology, his name is Ares). Its influence can be found in your absolute fearlessness, even ferocity, your preference for red, and your lucky day of the week— Tuesday (in French: mardi, named after Mars). Mars also represents energy, ambition, and action, as well as some negative traits such as audacity andthoughtlessness.


Although astrology is not considered an academic science, many of its supporters are in fact scientists and professors themselves. Most have come to believe in it for two reasons: it has steadfastly stood the test of time—even grown in popularity over the centuries—and its analyses and predictions have proven so uncannily accurate that it has quelled the skepticism of the most ardent disbelievers.

When ancient Egyptians studied the stars and planets, they understood that there was more to be learned from them than just the cold data of astronomy. They perceived that as celestial dies orbit, they have a profound effect on each other. And since there is no life on any of the other planets in our solar system, we can confine our study to their effects on the earth, and specifically, the most highly-evolved creature on earth, man.

Your astrological profile, then, is quite complex: the fundamental qualities of your personality are formed by the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time and place of your birth; the changeable aspects of your personality, as well as the events of your life, are influenced by the changing positions of these heavenly bodies every minute of every day. Because the sun is easily the dominant celestial body (every planet, of course, orbits around it), it has the greatest influence over you; thus people of the same sun sign have many similar qualities. But each person on earth is a unique individual; astrologically, this is because those celestial bodies are always moving, changing positions relative to individuals on earth.

For example, your sun sign may be Taurus. But there are millions of Taureans on earth, and they are obviously not all the same type of person. If, however, we were to compare the fundamental qualities of each, we would find a great deal of similarities. The differences are accounted for first by each individual's time and place of birth (within the month of Taurus), and second by the effects of all those bodies up there moving around from day to day.

So if you were born, say, on May 12,1961 in San Francisco, you would share many of the same personality traits as a person born on April 29, 1947 in Paris, but a great deal of specifics would vary, due to the differences of time and place. These differences would then be compounded by your own reactions to the moving planets, leading to two fundamentally similar, yet specifically different, individuals. This is why it's so much fun to have your own horoscope charted, because it's done to such fine detail that it can be yours and yours only.

Naturally, then, this book cannot hope to provide you with an exact astrological profile—that is only possible in a private session with an astrologer who will take the time to draw up your chart and analyze it. Instead, we'll focus on the most important determiner—the sun sign. We'll also point out the effects of the smaller factors— the moon and the planets—and along the way, have some fun with it all.

One last note: If you were born on a day that falls on the borderline of two signs, your astrological profile probably reflects qualities of both. You'll want to study each sign that applies to you to get the full picture.


You probably don't believe astrology is a science. That's okay. Still, you read your horoscope in the paper every day. Why? Because it's fun, and quite often, it's right.

It's also fun to learn about yourself, as well as your friends and loved ones, to understand why we all do what we do. If the planets can help shed some light on us all, help us reach our goals, become successful, and find the right mate, why not explore them? Human beings have been using a study of the planets as a guide to study themselves ever since the dawn of man, and while other methods have long died out, astrology continues to thrive. Hmmm ... there must be something to this....


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